When I decided to change our nation more than just a little bit by shaking up how people manage their credit and credit scores, I was reminded of the song from the 1959 musical, Gypsy. The show-stopping, scene-stealing song is a tribute to the secret of showbiz survival and success in pulling out all the stops… which I intend to do with assisting consumers who want to make a change in the way they manage credit. The following include a “short list” of the appearances I have made in pursuit of helping people embrace the Color My Credit process! Carey Pena Reports Arizona woman helps thousands find financial freedom. With a coloring book! See more at Inspired Media 360. Entrepreneurs n Fuego The #1 Multimedia broadcast Show for Entrepreneurs. Fun, interesting, compelling stories of local entrepreneurs are told by entrepreneurs interested in promoting our community. Real Estate Uncensored Real Estate Agent Marketing: How To Use Credit Improvement To Bring Value To Your Clients Click HERE. Entrepreneurial Mortgage Pro Podcast In today’s podcast, Alisa Glutz discusses her experiences as a mortgage banker and her transition from an HBO executive to the mortgage industry. She also speaks about her ‘Color My Credit’ workshops, which are aimed at educating consumers in an entertaining way about how they can improve their credit scores and qualify for better loan products. On Soundcloud… click HERE. On iTunes… click HERE. Millennial Money Club Millennials and credit, how to simplify and take the intimidation out of understanding or fixing your credit. Drew and Chris are joined by Alisa Glutz, inventor of “Color My Credit”, LLC., a financial education and training company using the ‘Color My’ Method for teaching people how to understand complicated, overwhelming financial documents in a simple fun and colorful way. ColorMyCredit @colormycredit #Millennials #AlisaGlutz #ColorMyCredit #‎MoneyRadio‪#‎MillennialMoneyClub ‪#‎MMC ‪‪#‎JasonMitchell‪#‎JasonStancil‪l #GoldenWestFinancial More… click HERE Link to buy book on Amazon Or purchase at Barnes & Noble

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