Advanced Financial Situations
These are videos regarding specific advanced financial situations.
4 videos
Any videos with content relating to bankruptcy.
1 video
Dealing with various types of collections.
13 videos
Color My Credit Who?
Intro and general information about Color My Credit!
2 videos
Credit Score Basics
All the basics regarding credit scores, scoring models, and other general information.
43 videos
Debt Pinball
The Debt Pinball Method! All of Alisa's videos about paying off your debt quickly.
4 videos
All of Alisa's videos about what to do when the unthinkable happens. Get your life back on track!
2 videos
Easy As 1 2 3
All of Alisa's videos about her Easy As 1 2 3 method! How to build or rebuild credit without going into debt!
15 videos
General Credit Advice
Any general-purpose advice related to using credit.
23 videos
General Financial Advice
Any general-purpose advice related to finances or financial situations.
19 videos
Home Buying
All of Alisa's videos related to the home buying process!
21 videos
Inspiration and Empowerment
Get inspired, get empowered! Your daily dose of Color My Credit feel-good whenever you need it!
10 videos
Pocket Planning
All of Alisa's videos about saving and earning a bit of extra money to help pay off your debts!
4 videos
Student Loans
Alisa shares bite-sized information all about Student Loans!
2 videos
Success Stories
Check out all of these Color My Credit success stories! Send us yours and you might be featured in a future video!
2 videos