Wow! We have all heard, at some time or another, that quote by Jim Rohn, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” I was thinking about that when I finished an amazing and empowering interview with the fabulous Carey Pena on her show, Carey Pena Reports – Inspired Media. Carey so graciously allowed me to share my own passion – influencing our economy by helping people who suffer the pains of low credit scores. She really touched my heart when I glanced at the page she created… just for my message – and shared the following, just to make sure my audience is aware I am out to start a movement and these are just two of the steps I have taken to take it to the next level. Color My Credit recently went live on Amazon and, Glutz tells us, it is already beating out Dave Ramsey’s books as well as the best-selling Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Coloring must be cool. In addition, Glutz is holding a Color My Credit Expo October 1st in Tempe, Arizona. Her efforts are geared, in large part, toward women looking to gain personal strength and financial freedom. The goal in all of this is to Illuminate your future and color your financial legacy. This vibrant, passionate woman can be found all over the place, but if you want to start connecting with her, check out her Facebook page…

She is a noted Emmy Award Winning News Anchor and Host with a passion for politics, social media, and inspired communication. Founder & CEO Inspired Media 360. and named Best TV Newscaster-Phoenix New Times

Today… like me, Carey is focused on making a difference, having influence and bringing about impactful, positive change; she can be found at Carey Pena.
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