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How To Increase Your Credit Score Immediately


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Broken Credit Scores
Unless you’ve been on another planet the past few years, you’ve already heard all the stories of the myriad variations of credit reports and credit scoring models – and the impact it has on virtually every financial decision you make. A few years ago, I began experiencing great successes in helping mortgage clients “make their credit scores great again” and began developing a program that would allow me to do that outside the boundaries of my work as a mortgage banker. Little did I know that in the not too distant future, I would hear the refrains of “Make American Great Again!” We recently experienced a lot of political inspiration and I am faced with how do I want to move forward?

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Moving Forward
Well, going forward, I want to move – not necessarily separate from our current President’s mantra, but certainly to stand fast in the “movement” about which I am so passionate and to remind myself of the fundamental question of “What do I want to stand for” and how will that play then into “Whom will I stand with!” We recently experienced a lot of political inspiration in the age of movements, right?
Living with Change
We are living – in many ways – in a time of change; change that extends beyond politics and social concerns, and spills over into the world of commerce, where, at the end of the day the topic of my passion – broken credit scores – really hits home. I want a movement that is a force for changing these broken scores, and to do so in a manner that is transformational, inspirational and filled with a bit of fun. I will stand with others who share my passion and have the social media support to help me expand the horizons of the credit reporting industry and the consumers whose lives it effects.
Seeing a BIG DREAM
I have been given a BIG DREAM… to inspire consumers to rise up with me, and for this dream, and react to a blight on our country by empowering themselves with small changes in how they manage their money, credit, and financial decisions – on a journey to financial freedom based on improved credit scores.
Color My Credit
In my new book Color My Credit, I take the first step in being outspoken, being involved, and playing it a little less safe than others who have the same awareness about improving credit scores and improving the privilege of better rates and other financial products. It means I am willing to take a stand; become more an activist – and do so in a thoughtful, considered manner that puts me on the same side of a passionate issue as my clients are.
A Movement Strategy
My “movement” strategy called for me to figure out what my core values were… what I stood for, what I am against – and to be willing to take a stand against something that might feel controversial or divisive. I had only to think of companies like Apple who took a stand against conformity; a company who allowed customers to share its values. Quite some time ago I saw credit scores, scoring companies, the processes, and the models being used… as a threat to the very people I chose to represent – I want now to unite a “community” of consumers who are either not aware of their options, or need help discovering them, and staying on track with a strategy of improvement. I have experienced how many consumers have little to no cognizance of the dangers bad credit scores pose. I am determined to reveal these dangers and mobilize the community of creditors with damaged credit scores—against them – with yourself at the center of that mobilization. This problem has to be resolved… to transcend social status or income… and create long-term changes in consumer perspectives on life’s financial legacies.
Where Hope Thrives
As a mortgage banker for over a decade, I have come to embrace the issues that are on the minds of people struggling to thrive and having little guidance on how to do so. This is what I am led to do in the lives of those with broken credit scores. When they have direction, people begin to develop a personal, clear mission; they feel they are suddenly in a position to do more and become more active in transforming some part of their lives. Hope thrives!
Demonstrating Transformation
To really be part of the transformation I want for our nation and its people, I have learned I must be willing to get out there and “mix things up!” I have to demonstrate my values and beliefs through my actions; I can only do so much – I need the weight of our consumers behind me as I help people to become more active and involved in this issue we must all care about. I want Color My Credit to be a platform of serious change for people who want to rally behind a new idea of increasing credit scores that immediately translate to better financial choices!
I want a movement…
The kind that will be known to have gathered around a positive, creative, dynamic idea—and can help build a better, fairer, more sustainable and more interesting nation. I want to make a key connection between passion and activism and respond to a much-needed shift in the culture around credit scores.
Fix your credit score

So, Miss Anna calls me today and when I answered, “Ask me anything!” she responded with her catchy question. “Alisa, if I am looking for a new direction for my credit score, what is the reason behind why you use color?” “I know I have a lot of shame about what has happened to me with my credit, and your Color My Credit process seems like a whole lot less stress than other services I have considered.” My response may surprise you! “Primarily, Miss Anna, color creates, enhances, establishes, reveals and changes your mood!” “You see, I feel our country needs a mood lifter! Like Dorothy spinning around in her home in that tornado, we as a country feel the same thing happened during the housing crisis of 2008. The house has stopped spinning and the black and white world opens up to a colorful new world.” “So, Alisa, are you telling me that with color, people who want to be smarter about their credit can do it with color?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact, no one wants to pay a lot of money to someone who just makes promises. Most consumers, like you, have a desire to learn how to best manage their credit over the long term, but they don’t want the learning curve to be so large.” “Hmm, if I understand you, I have a job that takes up most of my time, and if I work with your book, or your color my credit process, I will be able to learn more quickly that it wasn’t my family I was born into or the school I graduated from that matters! If I am just willing to learn, I can increase my awareness and use your resources and assistance to be educated in the process, and experience the kind of financial success that has always eluded me! Wow! who wouldn’t want that!” “You are absolutely right and you have an awesome journey in front of you… but remember what the amazing artist, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe noted, “Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.” Thank you for allowing me to share with you; I look forward to seeing your success! Alisa

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Do you remember the first time you learned something in school? For me, it was how to color. Mrs. Kirkpatrick would explain, “you must first outline the thing you want to color and then shade it in from there. Otherwise, you will be working without boundaries, you will color outside the lines and that’s not pretty.” So that was that. That was how you colored. When we graduate from high school we are thrown into a money world where there are no Mrs. Kirkpatrick’s to teach us the rules of the game. How to make it pretty. We go around coloring outside the lines because we don’t set boundaries and really…we don’t know the benefits of boundaries. We get jobs, cars, and housing and start receiving miles and miles of paperwork that no one reads and no one understands and that belief has been handed down generation to generation before they ever even receive one piece of paper. In order to build a financial legacy, one that you can be proud of and feel the rewards from, it is essential to understand how to budget, how to understand your credit report, taxes, insurance, mortgage and real estate docs, retirement and legacy documents such as wills and trusts.
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Color My Credit, LLC. is a financial education and training company using the ‘Color My’ Method for teaching people how to understand complicated, overwhelming financial documents in a simple fun and colorful way. Our goal is to inspire people to start thinking differently about money and other essential financial areas. We want them to feel empowered by how much they really know and how much control they do have in building a financial legacy.

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Tips on how to increase your credit score


Remember those Magic Eye pictures from the 90’s?? Someone would show you how to “unfocus” your eyes to lose the noise and see the picture lying underneath. What do YOU see in this image? Credit reports are the Magic Eye pics now. They don’t have to be complicated. once someone shows you how to see! Contact us to show you how to understand what is really going on with your credit score so you can immediately improve yours! Free education what do you have to lose?#colormycredit
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