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Create Better Financial Habits with TAR – Trigger + Action + Reward

If you want to create better habits, the TAR method will help things “stick”!

Habit formation follows the same path- Trigger, Action, Reward. If you want to stick to a new habit or let go of an old habit the secret is in discovering what triggers you, how you react to that trigger and what’s the reward.

With my Easy as 1 2 3 system, you can save the pictures below in your phone and add them as a reminder one day a month, a few days before the statement closing date to act as a TRIGGER to remind you to:

  1. Take out your credit card
  2. Purchase one thing for $20 assigned to “giving back” and purchase one thing with a second credit card for $20 assigned to “being present”. (ACTION)
  3. Set up the two credit card $20 balances to be paid off by your bank account after the statement comes in the mail before the due date. Remember the amount on the monthly statement is the balance they reported to the credit bureaus. Aim for $20 no matter what the limit is.

The pay your future self picture you put on your calendar to remind you the day the www.selflender.com installment account you set up will withdraw the money from your account!
You should start reaping the REWARDS of a better credit score as soon as 45 days after you set up this system and after a year of this system in place, you will really start to see the benefits of having more options available to you in life by being able to qualify for a home, car, cheaper insurance and you don’t have to spend money “fixing” and “repairing” everything in your past.

Pay my future self reminder card.

Give back card today


Be present today card.

Give it a shot. You have nothing to lose but the stress and anxiety bad credit can cause.

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