Do Over

I met Julie four years ago at a homeless shelter when I was working for a church ministry. We had a deep connection and her two children just had a special light about them. She had just left an abusive marriage and was trying to find her way back. We had a heart connection and decided to stay in touch. Four years later, I was hosting a Color My Credit workshop in my office and not one person attended. Sadly, I started cleaning up the room when in walked Julie. I knew her the minute I saw her. She was so grateful that nobody showed having a bit of social anxiety in addition to the anxiety over looking at her credit. The day before she went online and printed her credit report from and cried as the printer spit out over 120 pages of her failures in life and everything she had not wanted to face.

She handed the report to me and said “ok,
talk me through this”.

As I browsed through, I became puzzled. Page over page, I turned. I asked Julie, “Did you look at this?” She said, “I tried to but I just know it’s all bad. I just don’t understand what all that means.” I got up and went to my computer and ran her mortgage credit report with scores. Just as I suspected. A 729 middle FICO score. Julie’s mouth dropped as tears rolled down her face. She said ” I just assumed my past would never let me move forward.” After I pointed out to Julie that her credit score was based on the last 24 months of her life, not her entire life history and because she had taken my advice and opened the two secured credit cards using less than 20% of the limit and getting a car loan reporting with no late payments, the GOOD eventually outweighed the bad. And the same was true for Julie’s life that day moving forward.

We ALL have the ability for a DO OVER. You just have to show up!

Not only did Julie have a 729, she had been at the same job for two years and was able to qualify for a 175k house. Because her credit score was above 640, she was able to get approved for a grant giving her 20k to cover her down payment and closing costs. She was finally going to be able to get a home they would own and provide more stability for the kids.

As she left my office, I asked her if she was going to stay at Home Depot. She said “Yes…..but maybe one day I can help others and show them that I did it and they can too.” I smiled knowing she would.

It was the most successful turnout for a workshop ever.? 100% True Story.

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