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Credit Card Consolidation

Alisa Glutz is confident and sassy; she is filled with fun and energy and she knows “stuff” about credit scores! However… don’t expect her to bore you with facts and figures; expect a truly fun and captivating approach to helping you fix those broken credit scores – improve them to the point of giving you more empowerment and choices in financial decisions. You will soon come to understand the dynamics of her “guided practices” on the playground!

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credit card consolidation with alisa glutz
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As you are guided to to newer and better levels of credit scores, you are counseled to take out two new cards and “manage” them in a certain manner that works wonders in improving your scores. The following resources are a good place to start.

Secured credit cards (for low credit scores)
– Capital One- no annual fee- 25.24 APR but low deposit required- either $49, $99 or $200 for a 200 limit card depending on credit score.
– Discover it Secured Card- no annual fee and rewards- after 7 months will review for unsecured card
– Open Sky credit card- no credit check-$35 annual fee
– Digital Federal Credit Union Visa Platinum Secured Credit Card – $0 annual fee and 11.75% APR- half the APR as most cards- must be a member
Installment Loans/Credit card consolidation:
Lower credit scores start here for consolidation loan:
Student Loan refinancing or getting our of default:
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We call all the tips and techniques provided you as guided practice little things that almost happen as easily as your going out as a kid at school and playing on the playground. Today, the question is: How much should you be spending on your credit cards? The answer is in the Practice This link…
Alisa Glutz, Asking you to join me on a Movement to Magical, Manageable Credit Scores.
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Do you remember the first time you learned something in school? For me, it was how to color! 

And that feeling has never left me; nor have the lessons it taught me. You see… Mrs. Kirkpatrick would carefully explain to the class at every turn, “You must first outline the thing you want to color and then shade it in from there. Otherwise, you will be working with no boundaries and you will color outside the lines and that’s not pretty.”
So… in my young mind, that was that! That was how you colored to make things pretty!
It is likely most of us had the same or similar experience and we found reminders of coloring inside the lines in many areas of our lives, but they probably did not apply to our relationship with money or credit. There just seem to be no lines to help us once we graduate from high school and are thrown into a money world where there are no Mrs. Kirkpatrick’s to teach us the rules of the game… how to make it pretty. Our new reality? We go around coloring outside the lines because we never learned how to set boundaries around money and credit and you know what? Be fair to yourself! Mrs. Kirkpatrick was not around to show us the benefits of setting those boundaries.We are almost pushed into the responsibilities that surround getting jobs, cars, and housing and then we are positioned to receive mountains of paperwork that no one reads. And because we don’t read it, no one understands. This lack of boundaries has almost become a new culture, a missing belief that is being handed down generation to generation… before anyone receives their first piece of paper.
It doesn’t have to be that way!
You can build a financial legacy…one that you can be proud of and feel the rewards from…it is just necessary to first take those childhood steps to understand how to budget, and to understand your credit report, taxes, insurance, mortgage and real estate docs, retirement and legacy documents such as wills and trusts.


You can have your Mrs. Kirckpatrick for your financial legacy with Alisa Glutz of Color My Credit!
Color My Credit is a financial education company (and future media franchise) using a unique, proprietary Color My Method that teaches you to understand complicated overwhelming documents in a simple fun and colorful way. I want to start a movement… toward inspired awareness and a shift in thinking differently about money and other essential financial areas. I want the people of our great nation to feel empowered by how much they really know and how much control they do have in building a beautiful financial legacy to pass on to their loved ones. My underlying belief remains…
If you know how to color, you know how to improve your financial legacy!
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best way to consolidate credit card debt
best way to consolidate debt


Check out this radio interview for the best credit tips and tricks to improve your credit score and listen Thursdays to Credit Talk with Alisa and Troy on 1100 KFNX from 3-4pm!
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Big disclaimer here… I am not a teacher by education, but when I think about what I have done as an employee, employer, mother, and mentor within the mortgage industry, I know, without a doubt that no one needs, or benefits from, being told what to do, or even how to do it – unless there is a bit of guided practice thrown in the mix. My experience supports my belief that we need more than hands-on instruction in order to learn at a peak potential.
I remember the pivotal moment when I realized if I were to be truly impactful with the Color My Credit Method, it would be necessary to engage both minds and hands… creating an environment where engaged hands stimulate minds that question, sort through the sensory input and make connections between the two. Taking adults back to kindergarten, as you will hear me say with some frequency, demands I spark excitement and provide tools that offer effective guided practice.
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Do you remember in grade school how much more you learned in History class when the teacher passed out the Halloween classroom activity sheets, and as you colored, she read stories of how Halloween came to be? Sometimes I am afraid that even with the best aspects of technology, we may have lost a bit of that hands-on guided practice that cemented myriad things in our little, ever-expanding minds.
Stop for a moment and think about junior high and high school… do you recall feeling like you had really learned something on the days when you had the chemistry vials making crazy concoctions, or the science lab where you dissected grossly gory animal and insect parts?
I hope you understand what I am trying to convey… the Color My Credit Method will revolutionize modern credit awareness. With enhanced use of coloring tools, colors impacting the learning process and activating the reticular activator – you will more quickly embrace the understanding and awareness I have to give you! Today, in my heart my greatest gift to you is involving your hands and minds in a co-joined process that gives you hope for tomorrow, by experiencing Color My Credit today!
Just for fun, and to get your minds and hands doing this “little dance” together, download this complimentary Zen Doodle!
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