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Color My Money Club


Color My Money Club

by Led by Alisa Glutz, Author and Founder of Color My Credit

$97 – $197


Who taught you how to set up systems to prepare you financially for your future?

What accountability partners do you have or need to reach your money goals?

If you are like most Americans, you never learned anything at school or at home about:

  • Setting up a budget/financial system that works for you personally
  • Understanding the rules of the game when wanting to improve your credit score (and the difference you pay for practically everything ignoring it),
  • How we pay taxes, do we have to file, why we pay them and what happens if you don’t pay?
  • What kind of insurances do I need and how to understand the various documents involved?
  • What’s the process of buying a home?
  • What should I be saving for retirement and what options are available to me to achieve that?
  • Should I have a will or trust and what happens if I don’t have one?

Some years ask questions and some years answer. 2018 is YOUR year to get the legacy-building answers you’ve wondered about but have been putting off for another day.

Learn what you wish someone would have taught you on how to build a financial legacy and the POWER of the credit score. Only 40 seats are available for the live workshop, the first Saturday of the month but you can join the club from anywhere in the world and receive all the content digitally along with participate in the peer to peer accountability network.


Refunds up to 30 days before

Led by Alisa Glutz, Author and Founder of Color My Credit

Organizer of Color My Money Club

When the real estate market crashed in 2008, homebuyers across the United States were impacted. Not only did their mortgages go underwater, but so did their credit scores. Their purchasing power was reduced to next to nothing, and many buyers couldn’t imagine a way out of this predicament.

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Color My Money Club


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