How Does Bad Credit Really Affect You?

In the last couple of years, how many times have you left your favorite grocery store and not used your “membership” card when you are checking out? Even if you forgot the card or your phone number is not linked, did you look at the people in line behind you to see if anyone would [...]

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Do I Really Owe This Debt?

One of the unethical and highly deceptive tactics that collection companies/debt collectors use is to purchase debt that has passed the "statute of limitations" for pennies on the dollar and then try to use scare tactics to collect the debt from unsuspecting people who have no idea that this debt is no longer collectible. So [...]

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Create Better Financial Habits with TAR – Trigger + Action + Reward

If you want to create better habits, the TAR method will help things "stick"! Habit formation follows the same path- Trigger, Action, Reward. If you want to stick to a new habit or let go of an old habit the secret is in discovering what triggers you, how you react to that trigger and what's [...]

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How Do I Achieve Improving My Credit? It’s as Easy As 1-2-3!

In order to achieve a high credit score, your credit report should contain two revolving credit card accounts and one installment loan. Revolving credit cards, whether they are unsecured or secured by your money, have an available credit limit monthly that you can borrow against and pay back over and over. Installment loans have a [...]

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