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Create Better Financial Habits with TAR – Trigger + Action + Reward

If you want to create better habits, the TAR method will help things "stick"! Habit formation follows the same path- Trigger, Action, Reward. If you want to stick to a new habit or let go [...]

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How Do I Achieve Improving My Credit? It’s as Easy As 1-2-3!

In order to achieve a high credit score, your credit report should contain two revolving credit card accounts and one installment loan. Revolving credit cards, whether they are unsecured or secured by your money, have [...]

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Arizona woman helps thousands find financial freedom. With a coloring book.

  “People can start over they don’t need to spend all of this money for credit repair.” This is the simple message Alisa Glutz is determined to bring to the masses. Glutz, who has worked [...]

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