Are you Good or Great?

So maybe YOU don’t have any credit issues. You pay your bills on time every month, don’t have any collections lingering out there and keep relatively low credit card balances.

Mark and Karen met with me to purchase a home for 875k a few months and thought they had excellent credit. “Somewhere in the 700’s”, they said. I ran their credit and sure enough, the mortgage score was a 719. Oh happy day!

But what’s this…..a $54 medical collection showing that if they called, paid and received a DELETION would bring their score to a 763. Hmmmm. Mark gave it a shot and was successful getting a letter showing deletion of the collection and I submitted it for a rapid rescore. Three days later, the score came up to 763 and the difference in Mark and Karen’s monthly payment based on her new credit score dropped the total house payment $780 a month. Yes….a month!

Why be GOOD when you could be GREAT?

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