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Interview With Alisa Glutz

Alisa Glutz Interview

Readers love authors… they admire and respect those who boldly and bravely share their expertise with the anticipation of making the world a better place. Just such an author is Alisa Glutz. Her passion for writing Color My Credit: Mastering Your Credit Report—And Score—One Crayon at a Time… Create YOUR Financial Legacy NOW was predicated on the need to create a massive movement of people being empowered to improve their credit scores—and the resulting improvement on myriad other areas in their lives.

Read on, and discover more about this amazing credit report expert and passionate author.
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What is this book about?
This book is designed to ease the stress and confusion that comes with credit reports and scores. By breaking the information down and using color to illuminate the information most important to moving your score, consumers are able to understand a subject they know impacts their financial legacy but weren’t sure where to begin.
How would you describe the benefits your book offers to its readers?
Color My Credit is designed to enlighten readers. It is compiled with tips, insider secrets, advice, and actions steps to help you repair your credit quickly and easily. It is the ultimate guide for readers drowning in the despair of bad credit. I designed the book to remove the guilt and trauma associated with limited choices based on low credit scores, and transform lives forever.
Readers will discover Color My Credit is the key to provide the roadmap to successful financial performance by laying out the boundaries and allowing individuals to color within the lines.
What inspired you to write this book?
As a mortgage professional, knowing how little the average consumer knows about their credit kept me up at night. This book, approach to the product of so many long hours and sleepless nights, is an I approach to credit awareness and restoration.
As a reader, you may wonder what all this creativity and color is about—especially considering the nature of a very serious topic! After all we are talking about a really serious life issue here: Credit. Coloring is an act of mindfulness that quiets your chattering thoughts and eases your mind. It is an activity that allows you to slow down and be present and in the moment. It can help you lower stress and make you more creative at problem solving. What better mindset to prepare yourself for beginning the exploration of an of ten-stressful activity like looking at your credit report.
Who are the primary readers of your book?
This book is for you…if you have mediocre to downright bad credit—or, like many consumers—have no idea what is on your credit report because you are too afraid to look.
It is for you…if you want to better manage your credit to take advantage of better employment, reduced insurance costs, better pricing on banking and mortgage loans and more.
How long did it take to write it?
Life as a happy, busy mother and mortgage industry representative obviously took priority in life, so it felt like it took a rather long time… approximately 2 years. However, I do believe in perfect, right timing in life so that was not an unpleasant journey.
Why did you choose this cover?
Working with Taryl Hansen, a brilliant graphic recorder, we wanted to be able to illustrate the power of crayons and how they can help you become wealthy. It was also important the cover embraced the joy that can accompany the process; what I did not want was another financial or money management cover.
What was the hardest part of writing your book?
The hardest part of writing the book was keeping the main thing, the main thing. Color My Credit is the first of a seven-part series to help take the confusion out of complicated financial documents. Trying to stay focused on just credit without launching into the other areas was a daily struggle.
Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it?
Just like my passion for teaching people to not believe everything they think, I had to listen to my own words whenever my imposter syndrome crept in. I had to block out a lot of the toxic, negative relationships I kept dealing within order to continue to free up my creativity and avoid the negative self-talk that would ensue. Also, working through each step—while challenging and exciting—but made me realize the importance of having a mentor throughout the process to guide me.
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