Forget credit repair.

This is credit empowerment.

Alisa Glutz is creating credit education and empowerment content for everyone.

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If you know how to color, you know how to improve your credit.

The Pre-Pre-Approval Home Buying Class

Are you ready to buy a home?

Before you get approved, get pre-pre-approved and learn what you can do to best prepare for a home purchase.

How much house can you afford?
What credit scores do lenders use to qualify you?
How to maximize your credit potential before applying for a home
Determine exactly how much money you need to make it happen
How is your payment broken down?

Join Alisa for a LIVE webinar via Zoom on June 2nd at 4pm Arizona time (View in your local timezone here)

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Saving your Savings Class: How to Maximize your Income & Pay Yourself

We all tip. It's a part of so many transactions, and we're happy to do it. But, are you also tipping yourself? Learn all of Alisa's secrets for maximizing your income and building your savings while barely lifting a finger.

What apps are the best to use?
How do you save money on as many purchases as you can?
How do you earn cashback on your purchases?
How do you build up a savings without dipping into your regular income?

This isn't about sales, a second job, or anything else. This is about making your money work for you in a more meaningful way.

Join Alisa for a LIVE webinar via Zoom on May 19th at 4pm Arizona time (View in your local timezone here)

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How do I Color My Credit?

Step 1 - Print your credit reports.

Head over to Annual Credit Report from your computer and print your three credit reports. You have to know where you're starting from before you can know where to go.

Step 2 - Start coloring!

Use our free methods on this website to learn how to...

✍️ Understand your credit report
✍️ Build or rebuild your credit
✍️ Pay off debt
✍️ Get home-buying ready
✍️ Build a financial legacy you can be proud of

Alisa also offers daily credit advice videos and live Q&As on TikTok every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 11am MT.

Get some one-on-one help -- if you need it.

Rebuilding your credit and reaching your goals can feel super overwhelming. Consultations with Alisa are available for singles or couples to get you through.

✍️ Available in 30, 60, or 90 minutes depending on your needs
✍️ Pick a date and time that works for you
✍️ A customized plan of action based on your credit reports

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"My mid credit score was so low, you couldn't even bring it up. Then it was at 564 and now here we are getting ready to buy a home!! You know I cried. It's been an unbelievable year! Thank you for EVERYTHING!! 💞"

"I have been serious the last few months and have taken steps in the last 6 months to work on my credit and look at this!!!! Thanks for all of your advice! Home buying will be right around the corner ❤️"

"we went from 590 to 790 in a year and half because of your book and tik toks!!"

"I HIT MY 620 MARK!!! I was at 415ish earlier this year. now I'm pre-approved with decent rates!!! thank you for all you do 🥰"

"Hey Alisa! My wife and I did your couples challenge on TikTok. It took me a little longer than everyone else, but...we are well on our way to purchasing our first home thanks to you! We can't thank you enough 💛"

"I just wanted to tell you that I took ur advice from ur tik toks and my credit is now over 800 ! It was like 650 ! It wasn't that I wasn't making payments or I was late on any. My Utilization was too high since everything is in my name. Thanks so much!"

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